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Cello H2O 1L Unbreakable Water Bottle, Pink

Cello H2O Unbreakable Water Bottle, Pink – 1 Litre

Cello H20 Unbreakable bottle brings a splash of color in your daily office and school life. This water bottle is designed to be safe and stylish and brings you 100% fresh water every time you open the lid and take a sip.

Made with Unbreakable PET Plastic


Cello H2O unbreakable water bottle is tough to the external environment. 

It is manufactured with best class PET plastic material which as a raw material used where toughness and freshness is required. 

Cello H2O complete the necessity of both freshness of your liquid and toughness of your bottle. 

Break Proof, Leak Proof & Air Tight Bottle


Cello brings a high quality BPA free bottle with a splash of vibrant Pink color. 

This Cello H2O water bottle is 100% leak proof. The upper lid or cap of this bottle does not allow any splash or drop outside of this bottle. 

The tightly packed cap also make this bottle completely air tight to external environment. 

Which makes your liquid beverage fresh through out the day. 

Cello H2O Bottle Features

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